Monday, October 26, 2009

J/80 Dynamant Cup- Sundelin/Kallstrom Winners

(Sweden- Sept. 21)- There were fifteen J/80s participating in this year's Autumn Cups and Dynamant Cups in Sweden.  The competition was very even between the top boats ENG 386 and ENG 562 in first and second, respectively.  And the battle for third place was also a very even battle between bla MK PRODUCTS, HEAVY DUTY and DOG.  Great prizes are promised to all of the top three in the overall rankings. First prize was a voucher with a total value of 6000 Kroner from the main sponsor Dynamant and second prize is a set of fine sailing shoes from SLAM.

The traditional Autumn Cup organized by KSSS took place in non-traditional winds. Autumn storms lost some of their strength, thank goodness and the fleet was treated to beautiful sailing on the archipelago in 17 degree C temperatures, clear blue skies and a southwest breeze of 2-4 m/s. 

The host club KSSS was quite ambitious and planned eight races.  However, they managed to still get in five races thanks to an alert and quick race committee crew.  Sundelin / Kallstrom did what they could to snatch the top honors by taking home the regatta. But their competitor Rosenberg finished up nicely with a second place.  The American Tom Whitmore who showed good form, despite a very bad first race to finish third.  It was extremely even between 4, 5, 6, and 7 spots with only one point separating these four boats.  You will find all the results on the KSSS site.