Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Become Better J/80 Sailors?

If so, suggests Peter Sundelin, former Olympic medalist and experienced J/80-sailor, you sail Lasers four days at Svartlöga, Sweden! He says that sailing and boat-handling dinghies like Lasers are the foundation to be able to sail all types of boats. In a dinghy, you get immediate response when you are doing right and wrong. Training is intensive and provides quick results.

Says Peter, "On Svartlöga we have 10 top well-equipped Lasers. We lend any personal equipment you need, wet suit, hanging trousers, shoes, etc. Several J/80-sailors have also been with us at Svartlöga. Happy to hear from them, you'll hear what they thought about the workout!  On 17-20 June, we have a course that focuses on racing. You who want to participate on the course, must be comfortable with the laser. The situations we are experiencing on the track in a J/80 in a day, you will meet in half an hour in a Laser."

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