Thursday, April 7, 2011


J/80 one-design- the ultimate sailing boat for Spain
(Santander, Spain)- The J/80 Spanish teams continue to race hard against one another and are constantly improving.  This past weekend, Jose Miguel Oriol on MABLE won the Avega Trophy in Santander with thirty boats participating and kept the current J/80 World Champion, Pichu Torcida on ECC VIVIENDAS off the top of the podium, who ended up second.  FONESTAR sailed by Jaime Piris was third.

For the overall spring sailing series, Pichu on ECC VIVIENDAS is still winning with 7 pts and behind him are David Madrazo on LUPA with 11 pts, third is Jaime Piris on FONESTAR with 12 pts, fourth is MABLE with 16 pts and fifth is BANCAJA-AVIVA sailed by Javier Lopez-Vasquez with 21 pts.    For more J/80 AVEGA Trophy sailing information.